Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weaving With Butter

 My first foray into weaving with pure silk, Mulberry and Tussah silks to be precise.  Wow, it really was a pleasure all the warping, weaving and finishing went smoothly.  The silk really did feel like I was weaving with soft, smooth butter.  Purely pleasurable.  

The white shawl was done with a Mulberry silk warp and a Mulberry/bamboo yarn.  I hem stiched some lovely glass and sterling silver beads to both ends of the shawl.

Shawl number two was done with a Mulberry warp and a wonderful Tussah silk weft.  I also added some glass beads while hemstiching the ends, think they add just the right amount of bling.

Not wanting to waste one bit of the left over silk warp I made a petite table square using what was left of the Tussah silk on the bobbins as the weft.  Can't waste such beautiful yarn.

Had a fair amount of the silk/bamboo yarn left so I wove up a table runner weaving with a straight run of the treadles, fast but very pretty.

At the very end of the warp I squeeked out just enough yardage to make another ring bearer's pillow.  As they say - "waste not want not"

Lots of projects on the same warp, love it!  Silk had me scared at first because I was worried it would be tough to work with.  Nope, silk is like weaving with butter.

On to the next project...

Happy Weaving!

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  1. Simply lovely! Impeccably woven, sewn and finished.

    I don't understand the fear of silk as its very friendly to weave with and behaves (mostly) and takes a dye beautifully. Yes, it can be spend to purchase but the rewards are so great for both weaver and purchaser...

    Welcome to the 'converted' club :)

    :) Susan

  2. Oh so very beautiful! Hope we see more silk in your weaving, you've done such a professional job with it.

  3. So very beautiful. I like it.