Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Swedish Christmas Trees In The Snow

Once again I have used a tried and true weaving draft to create several table runners.  This rendition is done with a multi red hued warp and snowy white cotton.

Hard to capture the true beauty of the gold metalic threads used in the above version.

Silver and white boucle threads really catch the light, unfortunately the camera or possibly the camera operator is unable to do the yarn justice.

Wove these tea towels up using Jean Scorgie's draft, I think they turned out beautifully.  These particular towels are being donated for a United Way auction that is scheduled for September.  Hope my small contribution brings in some much needed money them.

On to the next project...

Happy Weaving!

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  1. I love both projects but those table runners are beautiful - you make me want to weave trees!

  2. OMG, that runner is something else. Love it.

  3. Yes, that runner IS something else... and I love mine! I also love the towels and Jean's pattern.... is that from her Weavers Craft series ? I love the colours you have chosen. As usual, beautiful weaving!
    Hugs, Susan

  4. Thank you the positive comments, I appreciate it.

    Susan, the pattern is from Issue 19 of Weaver's Craft. Lots of fun to weave.