Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Generational Shift

It has been a busy and fulfilling two weeks here in my studio.  Our Grandchildren came for a visit and boy did they put me through my paces.  My looms and sewing machines all got a work out by both of the kids.

Our Grandson, Christian is busy threading heddles on the ancient Kessenich table loom.  I hauled this loom out of the guest bedroom closet, set it up for the kids and away they went weaving scarves for their Mom.  Although both kids wove scarves from start to finish the weaving bug did not bite.  Once they completed their projects they lost interest in the looms.

Pepper was in her glory all week, she found the kids fascinating to watch and wonderful to play with.  Note she is hoping that Christian will stop working on his project long enough to throw her toy.

Kaya, Christian's twin sister is busy sewing her very first practice piece.  She sewed her very first seams perfectly with absolutely no help from me.  Wonder how many beginning seamstresses have worked on this lovely old Singer 201-2?

May I introduce you to the newest seamstress in our family!  
Here is Kaya's very first completed sewing project, a minki pillow case.  Kaya designed and sewed the entire project all by herself - note her smile of satisfaction on a job well done.  Sam is pretty sure that his girl is going to sew him something too.  

All in all it was a week full of fun and lots of learning.  
Grandkids are indeed one of best things that life has to offer.

Back to my looms.

Happy Weaving!

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