Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter Blues

A weaving friend suggested that I use this draft and weave it with a blue background.  Her suggestion was just perfect I think.  The cobalt blue back ground with the silver trees and snowflakes really sparkles in the light.  I can picture this runner on a holiday table with candles burning brightly.

Back to my looms.

Happy Weaving!

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  1. The blue is lovely and could be used all winter long.

  2. Is it cotton??? I love it.....the blue is perfect...it looks like the night sky.

  3. Oh yes, that's a stunning combination.

  4. Do you ever share or sell your drafts? I am a fairly new weaver and would love to try my hand at this draft. It's lovely!

  5. Thanks for all the cudos! Hilary, yes it is mercerized cotton and I thought it looked like the night sky too ;-)

    Susan, the draft is summer and winter and you can find it in most weaving books.

  6. i like the combination and i am a fan of blue and white... best wishes wiebke