Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keep It Simple

Yellow, blue and crisp white cotlin yarns woven into some Scandinavian inspired towels.  
Stripes woven in bright colors on a white back ground.  
Simply Perfect.

They sure look different when folded into thirds don't they?

Not much to report on here, except that the horrific cold has been keeping me busy feeding wood into the fireplace to keep the weaving studio warm and snug.  Hope where ever you are it is warm and sunny and you are enjoying the new year.

Happy Weaving!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good Ol' Standbys

This week I worked on a custom order for a repeat customer who wanted me to weave her more of my good old standby overshot potholders.  Last year I had woven her up a set of four of these potholders for her kitchen.  During the holiday season this customer's friends and family saw the potholders in action and decided they really wanted to add them to their kitchens.  Off to the loom I went, one week later seven potholders are in the mail on their way to MA.   Isn't it lovely when a simple to weave pattern can be made into something that many people can use and enjoy?

Fresh off the loom are a bunch of white and green stripe towels woven in a very soft mill end cotton I pulled from my stash and the weaver's good ol' standby tabby weave.  Because I hail from Michigan I couldn't help but notice that these are the colors for Michigan State - Go Spartans!

The simple stripe pattern was easy to work with because I could vary the design on each towel and not become bored while weaving the eight towels this warp produced.

Another project I have been dabbling with has been a the search for a new avatar for my Etsy shop.  My old avatar which matches the store's banner looked very pixelated to me (wow, doesn't it sound like I know computer geek stuff --- NOT!).  After a very fruitless search I decided upon a celtic design of a thistle.  Being a proud Irish girl I just could not resist the celtic design.  My new avatar "reads" a lot better in the small little space it resides in in my Etsy shop.

Happy Weaving!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Weaving High Lights

Warning:  Lots of pictures!  2013 was a busy year in my weaving studio, below are just a few of many textiles I had the pleasure of weaving last year.   I never realized just how busy I was until I started reviewing my work at the end of the year.  Whew!  

Taquete Rainbow Towels

Linen spa cloths

Vegetable Bibs

My personal favorite - red cotlin towels.

Merino and silk table runner

Silk and Tencel fabric for my newborn Grandson's baptismal gown.  This was a labor of love.

Linen table runner.

Linen napkins

Christmas tea towels

Cobalt blue table runner

Taquete tea towels

Merino scarf

Rainbow taquete towels

Colonial double weave baby blanket for new Grandson's homecoming.

Cotlin tea towels

Merino and silk table runner

Huck a back tea towels

Dala Red Table Runner

Butter yellow napkins

Linen table runner

Star of Bethlehem table runner

Christmas tea towels

Cobalt blue placemats

Blue cotton baby blanket for Grandson.

Swedish Flag inspired mug rugs

2014, promises to be a productive year in the studio.  

Happy Weaving!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Change Of Direction For The New Year

A fellow weaver on one of the Etsy weaving teams I belong to posted the question:

"And now, at the end of the month and the year, what are your thoughts? Happy? Disappointed? In between? Any suggestions?"
Her questions caused me to consider why I have an Etsy shop - what follows are my thoughts.

"Hmmm, after considering the questions for a while here is what I came up with for myself.

Sales have remained steady for which I am very grateful as they allow me to fund my ever growing yarn stash. 

Am I happy about the year, yes and no. Happy - yes, I am happy that I have sales. No - I am not happy that I have allowed myself to become so engrossed in stats that I am losing sight of what is important to me.

Disappointed, yes I am disappointed in myself. I keep letting my shop dictate what I weave instead of my original intention which is to offer things I have woven because I want to share them with others. Sales is not why I am here, my passion and love of weaving is why I am here and I keep forgetting that. My connection to other weavers and the friendships we develop are why I am here not the all mighty dollar.

Disappointed, yes I am disappointed in myself for allowing another weaver to cause me to quit a team that I enjoyed. Lesson learned, do not allow others to dictate how I will react to situations. 

Suggestions, yes I have suggestions for myself - stay true to the reason I am here. I need stop the merry-go-round of sales pressure and return to my original goal. I love to weave quality hand woven textiles for home and hearth - Period. For me that is all that matters. "

After considering and answering those questions I feel much better about myself and my weaving goals for the new year.  

 What is important to me?  My family ----   everything else is secondary.

My husband of 26 years.  Did I mention I adore him?

My dogs, SamWise and Pepper.  Did I mention they are awesome?

My daughter, Amy.  My Granddaughter, Kaya.  My Grandson, David.  
Did I mention they rock my world?

My Grandson, Christian.  He also rocks my world.


Happy Weaving!