Monday, January 5, 2015

2014, A Busy Year

2014 was a year of change in my weaving studio.  Looms were purchased, looms were sold and my perfect dream loom a 47" 10h/14t Glimakra Standard countermarch loom was found, purchased, refurbished and installed in my studio.

Sunna, my beloved Glimakra waiting for her maiden warp

2014 was a busy year for weaving, many yards of warp crossed through the heddles and reeds of my looms.  Rainbow hued taquete towels were woven by the dozens.

Rainbow taquete towels, I have lost count how many of these towels I have woven over the last year.

Projects in linen, pure silk, cotlin, wool, cotton, tencel and a mystery rayon have been completed.  

Pure silk bridal shawl with lovely sparkly beads added to the hemstitched fringe.

Many different drafts have been incorporated into my work.  Tabby, taquete, huck lace, gebrochene, double weave, summer and winter and one of my favorites, overshot have all been threaded and woven this year.

Summer and winter Swedish Holiday runner.

2014 was a year full of weaving, loom buying and selling and learning.

I hope that 2015 will be just as rewarding.

Happy Weaving!

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  1. So many beautiful things! What a productive 2014 you had. Here's to a wonderful 2015 for you and yours Martha!

  2. Everything looks lovely! Sunna is a beauty! Happy New Year, Martha! :)