Sunday, February 8, 2015

From One, Many

From one warp I was able to weave many different towels and a table runner.

The soldier blue, sunny yellow and white drall blocks in this towel always remind me of traditional Swedish hand woven towels.

Periwinkle blue, purple and white bring to mind spring flowers like a pansy or possibly some violets picked fresh from my yard.

Thought I should weave up something that is very strongly influenced by traditional weaving in 
Scandinavian countries.  You can never go wrong with a black and white color palate.

Maybe I should have woven a few more of this style of towel.  Much to my delight this towel sold within 20 minutes of listing it in my shop.

Yes, this table runner was also done on the same warp as the towels above.  I really like the patterning and the soft blue stripes, they were a joy to weave.

Happy Weaving!

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  1. Your towels and runner are wonderful. So fresh looking - ready to spring!

  2. What a nice selection of towels off that one warp! Beautiful work Martha.

  3. How many harnesses? They are beautiful.

  4. Thank you Hilary, the pattern is your standard 8 shaft Drall pattern.

  5. A fine selection of towels and cloths, and only one and the same warp! Interesting.

  6. These are gorgeous! So clever of you to get towels AND runners! Well done, as always!