Monday, May 18, 2015

Warming Towels

Decided to try working with some new to me organic cotlin yarn, really enjoyed playing with some autumn colors.  Find that the dark chocolate brown yarn reads a lot darker than it really is, think the combination of the other colors cause this phenomenon.  

My Brown Betty looks nice wrapped up in a warm autumn glow doesn't she.

Happy Weaving!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring Brings Chores

With spring finally here in the central plains my life is getting busy with gardens to plant and tend, chicken wrangling and plenty of mowing chores.   It has been hard to find time to weave let alone sit down for any length of time.  I did manage to finish a cotlin warp on my big Glimakra and I am most pleased with the resulting towels.  This version was done in purple with two rows of kiwi accents.

The magenta and rose stripes on this version of the towel warp are nice a feminine.

This year I am trying something new, I am attempting to weave one or two Christmas textiles with each warp I put on the loom.  

My old Singer Rocketeer finally wore out, hard to believe but she is gone.  Above is my "new"  Singer 401A - she is in great condition and I am most pleased to report that I am her second owner.  The original owner bought her in 1957 from a Singer Store in PA and has had her ever since.  This machine does not have a lot of sewing hours on her and runs like the day she was made.  After I got her, I totally disassembled her as is my way when bringing home new equipment.   She has been gone through with a fine tooth comb and given lots of TLC, oil and lube and a brand new bobbin winder tire.  Now she is raring to go.  I will miss my old Rocketeer but the 401A is a great machine and I know we will have many years of sewing together.

Happy Weaving!

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