Monday, May 18, 2015

Warming Towels

Decided to try working with some new to me organic cotlin yarn, really enjoyed playing with some autumn colors.  Find that the dark chocolate brown yarn reads a lot darker than it really is, think the combination of the other colors cause this phenomenon.  

My Brown Betty looks nice wrapped up in a warm autumn glow doesn't she.

Happy Weaving!

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  1. Very pretty Martha! Is this the cottolin from Halcyon? How did it weave and wash up?

    1. HI Theresa, the cotlin yarn is from Venne and I bought it from the Etsy shop Saori Santa Cruz. Love this yarn, it washes up beautifully.

  2. The towels are really lovely. I like your mix of colors.

  3. The work you do fine art. I held on to a couple dishcloths I bought from you, afraid to use they were so pretty but then I did and they wash a NON high efficiency washer of course. :)

  4. Love the colors.