Thursday, December 10, 2015

Woven Snow Flakes

One of my favorite clients asked me for a last minute - down to the wire  - could you please - weave me four more Christmas towels?  What is a weaver to do, of course I said I would be happy to.  These snowflakes are my own design and weave up nicely.  It is always a joy to weave for clients that really appreciate fine handwoven textiles.

Off to the loom, these need to be in the mail soon.

Click on the picture to see the details.

Happy Weaving.
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  1. Oh Martha, those are stunning! Is the green stripe treadled differently? Lucky person who is getting those.

    1. Thank you Theresa, I sure hope my client likes them. The entire warp is threaded and treadled the same, nothing different for the green stripe.

  2. Love those! I assume they are more than 8 shafts?

  3. Replies
    1. Oooh, thanks, Martha! Off to peruse Strickler :-)

  4. Wow! Those are perfect for the holidays.