Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Out With The Old - In With The Loom

Sunna, my 10 shaft / 12 treadle Glimakra standard countermarch loom that I bought and refurbished last fall has gone on to newer pastures.  Big Swedish countermarch looms will always hold a special place in my heart but they do not agree with my spinal arthritis.  While weaving I need to have my back straight and my feet firmly on the floor, I am not able to do either of those things no matter how adjust my bench height with the Glimakra loom.  Sorry to see my loom go but she did go to a weaver from Wisconsin who was very excited to bring her home.  Happy weaving Sunna!

Here is the photo I looked at while shopping for a new-to-me jack loom.  I was impressed with the beauty of the wood and the apparent newness of this loom.  The loom is an 8 shaft 10 treadle, 46" Schacht Standard Home loom with the matching bench.  If you look closely at the picture you will notice the black nylon beam cord (which I do not like at all).   Bought this loom in Michigan from a weaver's estate.  The loom is 5 years old and has only had one warp go through it's reed.  No scratches, rub marks, dents or damage on either the loom or the bench.  

The Schacht loom newly installed in my weaving studio sporting it's welcome home warp of 3/2 cobalt blue mercerized cotton.  As you can see that yucky nylon beam cord is gone and replaced with brand new texsolv beam cord on both beams.   Ah, so much better and the loom looks much nicer too!  The Schacht loom bench has been replaced with a weaving bench my talented husband made for me, it is the perfect height for me to weave comfortably.

Back view of the Schacht showing the husband-made angel wings holding my lease sticks in the warp.  Looking at the back beam you can see I am using my Glimakra warping sticks to separate the layers of warp.   I am one of those weavers who always names her looms and this loom is no exception, his name is Aidan (a nod to my Irish Roots).  Aidan is my first "boy" loom all the others have been girls.

Thistle Rose, my Gilmore 8 shaft 12 treadle jack loom is currently busy with a towel warp.  Both looms fit my weaving style and weaving life with ease. As you can see if I move the Eden Pure heater from between the looms I still have room for one more loom (be still my heart)!  Saving my pennies for a Gilmore Gem II to add to the herd.  Hoping to add the Gem sometime in the fall - it all depends on how fast I can save up the money to buy her.  

January has been eventful here in my studio for which I am very grateful.  Two sturdy nice jack looms that will keep me weaving far into the future.  Bliss - pure - Bliss.

Back to the looms!

Happy Weaving.
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  1. What a lovely studio! I wish you many happy weaving hours in 2016.

  2. Congratulations! Aiden is a beauty and I am sure he will be a welcome addition. Heck if you get a Gem it will be like they had a baby....;-) Fall is just about 9 months away.
    Happy weaving Martha!

  3. Welcome to the herd, Aidan! i know you'll get a lots of love and weaving time. As always, LOVE the bright warp on Thistle Rose.

  4. I have two Schacht floor looms, a 36" and a 46" them both.

  5. Love the story behind your looms! :)

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that you and your Glimakra had to part ways. We wondered about how lifting our feet to tromp the treadles might affect our backs.

    We have a Schacht standard loom. It is comfortable to use, except the cloth beam is too close to the front of the loom; my knees have to press against the cloth beam.

    We love the texsolv cord for the cloth and warp beams, and tie-ups. We replaced the flat heddles with Leclerc inserted eyes. We find the high castle very useful, as you can imagine since you have one on your Gilmore.

    I haven't seen a Gilmore in many years. I didn't realize that they were still in business.

    Best wishes with your looms.