Sunday, February 28, 2016

Supervised Weaving

Miss Pepper has finally grown into her supervisory role in my weaving studio.  I work and she sleeps with an occasional break for throwing her ball or playing with one of her many squeaky toys.  Although we still miss our beloved Old English Sheepdog Mr. Sam Wise Gamgee - Peps has adjusted to her new role admirably.

I used the 8 shaft Stickler pattern of Octogons to weave some cotlin towels.  The traditional Swedish colors of grey, black and red led themselves nicely to this pattern.

Using a marled dark navy blue and black cotlin yarn brings out the texture of the weaving draft.

Back to the looms!

Happy Weaving.
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  1. Oh so pretty! Great colors. I love greys. You are always an inspiration!
    Really, Miss Pepper is so elegant, we really should be treated to regular pics!

  2. Thank you Diane and Theresa. Pepper is thrilled to have been noticed.