Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Twas Twills

To be precise twas Edward Worst's twills that I decided to play with on my newest loom.   Wish I could remember where I bought this colonial blue organic cotton, it weaves up nicely and I adore this color paired with the natural beige warp threads.

This the reverse side of the twill pattern shown above.  I find both sides of this draft equally interesting.  Here I used bleached white cotlin for the weft threads.

A brighter navy blue cotlin yarn was used in this version of the towel.  Can you tell I like blue?

Back to the looms!

Happy Weaving.
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  1. And how do you like the new loom? Lovely towels!

  2. I am reserving final judgement on the loom until she has one more warp go through her reed. So far I dislike the front/back break system. Sigh, one of these days I am going to find a loom I like as much as my Gilmore.

  3. I love that draft - have woven it in the past too. And yes, have noticed you love blue - I'm not generally a blue person but I always love your blue and white/off white towels.

  4. These are absolutely beautiful. Glad to hear the positive review on the Gilmore. It's on my shortlist for my next loom. (someday...). Laurie