Monday, March 28, 2016

Mischief Managed

My wonderful Gilmore loom needed a bit of TLC this weekend.  The front and back tie-on bars are attached to the loom via webbing that has metal fasteners.  These metal fasters have rough edges that have created some scratches on both my front and back beams.  This will not do at all!  I like my looms to stay in good condition so I decided to do a bit of clean up.

The beams have been sanded with very fine sand paper to remove the scratches on them.  A bit of the patina was sanded off in the process, couldn't be helped.  Bought some Watco lacquer which is what Gilmore uses to finish the wood on their looms.  Two coats have been applied.  First coat went on last night and today I applied the second coat.  Tomorrow I will buff the beams with 0000 steel wool and wax them with Johnson's Paste Wax.  Plan on placing them back on the loom and letting them cure for a week before I put another warp on.

As for the metal fasteners I will cover them with some thin felt stick on pads to protect the beams from new damage.  Hopefully this solution will manage the mischief my loom has gotten itself into.

In case you are wondering about the oil paintings in the background...  The Navaho boy was painted by my Great-Uncle back in the seventies.  This painting was hung in my Grandparent's resort cabin for years, it was willed to me.  

The second painting was painted by me several years ago.   It is the Seul Choix Light in Michigan, built in 1892 and is still active.

This lighthouse was also painted by me, although it is a composite piece not an actual existing light.

A lovely bouquet of spring tulips brings a bit of cheer to our home.

Back to the looms!

Happy Weaving.
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  1. And managed well! What lovely lighthouses. You are a woman of many talents.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this loom problem! I love your idea of using the felt pads. We'll have to remember that.