Thursday, May 5, 2016

Making Room For One More

Notice the big empty space in my studio?  

This space won't be empty for long - this weekend we are taking a bit of a road trip to northern Indiana to pick up a new to me 8 shaft countermarch Toika loom.  Those of you who know I have been on the hunt for months to try and locate a nice Macomber loom are aware that they are like hen's teeth around this neck of the woods - none to be found around in this area.  I decided to give up on my Macomber search and rethink what I want out of a loom. 

 After owning two Glimakra Standard countermarch looms and selling both of them because of back problems I decided that it was time to try a Toika.  Scandinavian looms are my true love and the thought of never weaving on one again was not sitting well with me.  My dear sister has a lovely Toika that she adores and I have been smitten with it for years.  I have woven a bit on her loom and have not noticed any back problems  -  so I began the search for a Toika loom.  After a bit of a search I found one.  It is an older model 8 shaft Toika Liisa countermarch that is in great shape.  

Can we say "Huzzah"!

Moving looms around in my studio to make room for the new loom, so far I am not sure I will keep this current set up.   My studio it feels a bit too "close" set up like this so I will try a few different layouts and see how I feel about them.   Thankfully I have plenty of room to move the looms around.

Working on a new taquette warp on my Gilmore, it is interesting to see how various colors in the weft shots can mute or brighten the overall look of the weaving.

It always surprises me how many daily chores this time of year get in the way of my weaving time!  I would much prefer weaving to choring any day of the week.  Ah well, the chickens need feeding, our 3 acres need mowing, the herb gardens need tending and the vegetable gardens need to be set up.  Can I just make a double of myself who could do the chores while I weave?

Back to the looms!

Happy Weaving.
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  1. Well, I am so jazzed for you! One of the guild members has an older Toika, smaller, I want to say around 30" and it is beautiful loom. I personally like an underslung beater which hers has. Now you know those Macs will pop up like mushrooms in spring since the space has been filled. :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend weaving jaunt.

    1. Thanks Theresa, I too love an under slung beater.

  2. I've found myself disappointed in the past over the muting of some warp colors. I don't see it on your Gilmore picture at all!
    A New loom! Huzzah, indeed!

  3. I'm picking up a new to me loom this weekend, a locally made loom which is 8 shaft and will be going in our dining room; it's slightly too long for my studio which is only 3m x 6m and already fairly full of sewing equipment and my 4 shaft loom.

  4. The turned taquete looks great! Will it be towels?