Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Lease On Life

This post is picture heavy and might not be very interesting to non-weavers.

I bought a 1970's era Toika Lissa that needed some love, so I got to work to bring her back to her former glory.  

Beams and foot rest loom parts badly in need of sanding and refinishing...

Piles of lams, harnesses and treadles needing cleaning and new texsolv.    Note - all the harness bars had to be redrilled on our drill press to make the holes big enough to accept texsolv cord.

Back and front cloth beams with very old and dirty cloth aprons in need of replacement.  You can see the famous blue metal cogs on the beams.  These blue metal parts help to indentify the loom's age.

Post sanding and finishing.  The original 1970's name plate and the addition of a magnet to hold scissors within easy reach.

Looking from under the front beam you can see I replaced the old apron with brand new beam cords. All the texsolv cordage and heddles on this entire loom are brand spankin' new.  

Looking from the back of the loom you can see the treadles have a new addition of toy wheels that we carefully drilled the centers from to fit on the treadle bar.  The wheels keep the treadles separated in half inch increments making treading much easier.  You can also see the harnesses have new texsolv to hang them from the jacks.     I you look closely I added some Glimakra rubber feet to the loom.  Also added Glimakra's shaft holders and pins to make set up much easier on the weaver.

The lovely golden color of the loom's birch wood was discovered under a lot of dirt, grime and duct tape residue.  After sanding and refinishing with Danish Oil and a several coats of feed and wax the loom is smooth and beautiful again.

After almost two weeks of hard work I have a completely restored this 50" Toika Lissa - she has 10 shafts, 12 treadles and has room in the jack box to make her into a 12 harness loom.

Happy Weaving!

Back to the looms.

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  1. No, happy weaving to you! Good work.

  2. Sweet! I hope you love weaving on her.

  3. That's a labor of love. What a gorgeous loom. Hope it's a weaver's dream. I know how much work these project can require from experience, though my project was not nearly as extensive. Enjoy her!

  4. She's lovely. I'm doing a little work on a Bartlett countermarche at the moment, there's some mildew on the back beam which I really don't want contributing to my weaving. Not anywhere near as much work as required for your loom though.

  5. Wow! Good for you! That's a LOT of work!

  6. As Good as New! Mycket fint arbete, hälsningar från Sverige, Sweden!

  7. Beautiful loom! Glad you found her and restored. I love my newer Toika but would love to find one like yours.

    1. Thank you for your compliments! I have decided to sell this loom, I will contact you privately.