Sunday, July 10, 2016

Up And Running

Hester, my new Leclerc Colonial 12 shaft loom is up and running.  

It has been a long road of adjustments, tweaking and figuring out the best way to accomplish various tasks to get my loom ready for weaving.  Hester is a big girl and several tasks I do easily on smaller looms are not as easy to do because of Hester's width.

Started the session by using my warping trapeze to get the warp on the loom and all went smoothly, thank goodness.

Next up was threading, how was I going to get close enough to thread the brand new texsolv heddles?   Decided to remove both the breast beam and the cloth beam and sat "inside" the loom to thread.  Worked like a charm, learned to do this with my Swedish looms and it works well.

Problem three, how and when to tie up the treadles.  Usually I wait to tie up treadles when I have the warp threaded, tensioned and tied up to the front of a loom.  This time I thought I would tie up treadles while I had the breast and cloth beams off the loom thereby giving me enough room to work comfortably.   Have to admit it was strange to tie up treadles before the warp was tensioned.  All went well, although I did have to do a few adjustments (seems I can't count anymore).

 Problem four, the friction brake had to be adjusted so that when I release the brake at the front of loom my warp beam doesn't go crazy and release all my warp to the floor.  After several hours of going back and forth between the front and back of the loom everything is adjusted as it should be.

Properly tensioned warp waiting for the first pick to thrown.  Ah, that moment of truth...have I adjusted everything properly and will this lovely girl weave?   Yes on all fronts! Huzzah, we have a working loom.

Because I am forever looking to make my weaving set up fast and efficient I took off the old very hard to use clips on the end of the treadle springs and added some nice new stainless clips that are a breeze to use.  These will save my thumbs and make attaching treadles easy-peasy.

I have read in several sources that when you hook the treadle springs to the treadles on the Colonial it can make for heavy treading.  I am having no issues, the treadles are responsive and easy to use.  Hurray!

Happy Weaving!

Back to the looms.

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  1. How wonderful. Is that first warp an 8 shaft one? So, is she comfortable to weave at. She's certainly beautiful Martha. I do hope you have many happy years with her.

  2. Enjoy your weaving adventures with Hester. Love your warp colours.

  3. Whoo Hoo - weaving on the new loom! Happy Treadles to you!

  4. Theresa, yes this is the maiden warp for Hester. I picked an 8 shaft draft that I am familiar with before graduating on to a 12 shaft draft next warp. Hester is comfortable to weave on and treadles easily. I do have to stretch a bit to press the brake release but with time I think I will get used it.

    Diane and Cindie, thank you.

  5. What a beautiful looking loom, I'm sure you will love working with her once she feels comfortable in her new home :) You mentioned the friction brake needing adjusting so your warp doesn't end up on the floor, what did you do? I have this problem with my loom and have to actually get up and go to the back of the loom to carefully release the brake and catch the back beam every time I need to advance the warp. Makes for very slow going.

    1. Christine, the friction brake on your loom sounds like it needs adjustment. I thinking you need to determine if the brake is too tight (which is what I suspect) or too loose. If your loom is a Leclerc model you can find directions on their website (you could use these directions on all friction brakes) on how to adjust the tension on the brake. I used those directions and now have a perfectly functioning brake. Best wishes.