Friday, October 28, 2016

Christmas Towels On The Loom & More Studio Changes

My Gilmore 8 shaft jack loom is busy weaving some wonderful cotlin Christmas towels.  I think these towels are the perfect hostess gift.

You might recall I bought this lovely 12 shaft LeClerc Colonial I a few months ago and thought she would be my perfect loom.   Well...not so much.  Decided I really did not need a 12 shaft loom and would much rather find an 8 shaft jack loom that would fit my needs a little better.  Yesterday, a lovely new weaver came to the studio and picked up the loom.  I was happy that a brand new weaver was excited about having so many shafts to play with.  

Once again my studio has a hole in it waiting for a new to me loom to come and play.  Stand by, this weekend I am bringing home a very rare loom - she is a beauty.   I am looking forward to taking her for a spin.

At this point in my weaving life I sort of feel like I have tried just about all the looms out there, with the exception of the highly expensive computer and jacquard looms.  With all this experience under my belt I am very happy to weave with jack looms that are within the 30" to 46" range in width.  A girl has to know her limitations.

Happy Weaving!

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  1. Now that's a teaser! I can't wait to see what you replaced her with.....With luck this will be the Goldilocks loom. :-)

  2. Now, after selling your loom, I'm even MORE impressed with your skills. If I was left alone with it, I'd likely pluck it like a if I could play a harp!

  3. I, too, previously purchased what I thought was the loom of my dreams - a Varpapuu counterbalance with a 48" weaving width. Had it only a number of weeks and wove only a few things before I knew it was most assuredly NOT the loom for me and re-sold it. I definitely have shaft envy, since 8H is my largest, but know that I don't want to lift more harnesses with my legs, and that I don't want to go with power lifter, so I stick with what I have. Although it took time, I now love my 8H big Mac, 32" weaving width. I never thought I'd say it, but I'd be willing to let my handmade 4H counterbalance go if I found an 8H Baby Wolf or similar at a great price. But I'd have to actually weave on one first - I won't make that mistake again. :)

  4. Okay - can't wait to see the new girl in your studio. Some times you have to kiss a lot of rouges before finding your knight. and the Christmas towels are pretty.