Friday, November 4, 2016

Holiday Hand Woven Towels

Nice dark forest green mercerized cotton towels with a fun border of snow white stars make a lovely guest towel for the holidays.  This set would be the perfect hostess gift to bring with you to all those holiday parties you are invited to.

Seems like I weave these towels every year for my Etsy shop.  This year I changed the green border to a design instead of the plain weave I have used in the past - I like it much better this way.  Going to have to try and save one of these towels for myself.

EDIT - All of the towels woven on this warp sold out in a few hours after posting in my shop.  I am am a very happy weaver!

Happy Weaving!

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  1. So festive! Are these the first items from the new loom?
    Jack is honored BTW to have you write in his name. He has been practicing his acceptance speech....;-)

  2. Both towel warps were done on my trusty Gilmore, the new loom has a warp going on her as we speak. Jack, I know you speech will be awesome!

  3. In places like hotels and spas towels can easily get dirty, they get sullied by oil and sweat and it is hard to remove stains by simple washing them. In such cases the only way to clean them is to bleach towels