Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 - A Year Of Looms

2016 was the year of looms coming and going in my studio - all in the quest to find that perfect for me loom.

I started the year with a lovely Glimakra Standard Loom - sold her in January.

Replaced the Glimakra Standard with this Schacht Standard 46" 8/10 - sold her in April.

Replaced the Schacht Standard with this Toika Lissa 50" 10/12 - sold her in June.

Replaced the Toika Lissa with this Leclerc Colonial 60" 12/14 - sold her in August.

Replaced the LeClerc Colonial with a Structo Artcraft Loom 42" 8/10

I would love to **Trade** this Structo Artcraft Floor Loom for a small Harrisville, Baby Wolf, Baby Wolf Pup or LT, or a small floor loom in very good shape.

Located in Metamora, IL  Pick up only, no shipping.

Lots of looms went in and out of my studio and I am still on the search for the perfect for me loom, I will find it it is only a matter of time.

Happy Weaving!

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Monk's Belt Table Runners

With the holiday season weaving done for the year I felt like it was a great opportunity to weave some table runners that reflect my love of traditional salt glaze pottery.  The monk's belt draft is woven with the bottom side up making for easier treadling.

Warped up another set of these table runners with slightly different colors, they will go on the loom next.

Happy Weaving!

Please visit my  Etsy shop  --  Thistle Rose Weaving by clicking here -

Monday, December 5, 2016

Looms Are Tools

Looms are tools and making them work efficiently is important to me.  My dear husband, Mike is working at removing the large warp beam from the back of the Structo Artcraft loom so that we can replace it with the smaller warp beam with a much finer gauge ratchet wheel.  The warp beam we are removing in the picture is really meant to be a sectional beam,  the sectional pegs were turned inward to make it into a non-sectional beam by the previous owner.  This giant looking warp beam with the cast iron ratchet wheel is original to the loom.

I am not a fan of this big warp beam at all, the ratchet wheel has very large sections in it and make fine adjustments in warp take up almost impossible.

This is the smaller warp beam we installed on the loom - it is original and came with the loom.  Notice the finer gauge ratchet wheel, this will make my weaving life much easier as it is able to be adjusted easily.  The white webbing was added by the previous owner, it is replacing a very old canvas apron.  I will remove the white webbing and replace it with heavy beam texsolv cording, no aprons for me I detest them.

Mike added some lovely solid black walnut blocks to the front of the uprights on my loom and re-installed the beater bumpers on them.  The reason for adding the walnut blocks to the front of the loom is very simple, while weaving my fingers would jam into the first shaft when I attempting to pull the beater bar forward.  Adding space between the beater bar and the first harness means I can weave faster without jamming my fingertips.

In this shot you can see that a good 2 1/2" was gained for my fingertips to hold on to the beater.

Here you can see a portion of the lower harnesses/shafts - if you look closely you can see the harness clips.  There are four harness clips on the bottom of each harness and four harness clips on the top of each harness.  I really hate this!!!  Trying to come up with a solution that will let me get rid of the harness clips that will work.  Thought that replacing all the old clips with a the modern version harness clip would mean I only need one clip on the top and one clip on the bottom of each harness.  Darn it all this solution won't work, the harness bars are too wobbly.  Not sure there is a workable solution to this problem.

I detest the harness clips so much that I am seriously considering selling this very rare loom.  The loom is beautiful and very rare but she is not making me happy.  Decisions will need to be made.