Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wonderful Surprise

Yesterday was a red letter day for me.  I discovered a lovely surprise in my mail box sent by my dear friend Diane in California.  Diane and I met on the internet through Etsy and have enjoyed a long distance friendship for a few years now.  Diane owns Treadlers
on Etsy where she hand weaves the most luxurious scarves from beautiful yarns like Qiviut, silk blends and many other beautiful combinations.

Upon opening the surprise box I was astonished to find 6 skeins of Arctic Qiviut Wool Blend 2 ply lace yarn in two shades of my favorite color - red.  Among the skeins of yarn was a wonderful pewter Musk Ox pin.  Also in the box was a beautiful handmade brass sleying hook made by the Celtic Swan - this hook is so beautiful and so well made it is a work of art.  Using the hook is a pleasure not only because of it's beauty but it is well designed to fit into your hand easily.

What wonderful gifts -  all the makings for me to be able weave myself a lovely and warm winter scarf out of yarns I would never ever splurge on for myself.  Thank you Diane, you touched my heart with your lovely gifts.

In the weaving studio I just finished an 8 yard warp of organic GOTS certified yarns using a draft I found in an old VAV weaving magazine - the draft can also be found in the "Simple Weaves" book.  Love the clean simplicity of these towels.

Happy Weaving!

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  1. Love the towels. I too have been eyeing those woven towels from the Simple Weaves book.
    What a lovely surprise of such beautiful yarns!

  2. What a wonderful gift..... lucky you! It just so happens I know Diane too :) Small world huh?

    *love* those towels! Fresh and cheery.
    Hugs, S