Thursday, August 17, 2017

Adding a Moose To The Herd

My 1968 model B5 with 4 original harnesses - waiting for her upgrades.

Placed an order this morning with Meridith at Macomber Looms to upgrade my loom.   I ordered 4 new harness systems - #'s 5 through 8, a lamm depressor, 600 heddles, beater pads and stop pads to bring my lovely 1968 model B5 up to 8 harnesses.  The loom has room for 2 more harnesses to make it a 10 harness loom.  One of these days I may add those final two harnesses.

Also ordered 8 brand new shiny heddle bars to replace the old existing bars - yes, I know I could  restore them but I want everything to match and look nice.

Now I need to be patient and wait the 6 to 8 weeks for all my ill-gotten-gain to arrive so I can install everything and begin weaving with 8 harnesses on this wonderful old girl.

My I introduce you to Moose?  

Moose hails from sunny Southern California and is now living here in the cold upper midwest.  Moose is a 12 shaft Mountain Loom with a 27" weaving width and weighs in at a whopping 70+ pounds - hence his new name.  He is heavy and huge!  

The great thing about Moose is that he has barely been used, there are very few use marks on him and he is in fantastic condition for a 20+ year old table loom.  My wonderful woodworking husband is busy making him is own quarter sawn oak stand so that I can weave in comfort on this guy.   

My sister in law discovered that Moose was looking for a new home and thought I might be interested in adding him to my loom herd, she of course was right.  I almost fainted when I heard the original owner wanted $250.00 for the loom - you can bet this was the fastest loom purchase in my long and sordid loom buying past.

All in all it has been a great few days - OLAD (Obsessive Loom Acquisition Disorder) has been fed and I am doing the happy dance. 

Happy Weaving!

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Monday, August 7, 2017

August Flowers

Flowers in August and a bit of the green and red for the upcoming holiday season.  This is an old favorite weaving draft of mine it is adapted from HW's Design Collection #11.   I enjoy traditional looking towels and love to weave them.  The photo looks a bit yellowish -- the white cotlin is not as crisp and pure looking as it is in real life.  Oh well, photography isn't my strong suit.

I personally never get tired of traditional red and white towels, they just make me happy.

Trying to get a jump on holiday sales with two towels to add to the shop's Christmas listings.

Happy Weaving!

Please visit my  Etsy shop  --  Thistle Rose Weaving by clicking here -