Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Trials and Tribulations of Being The Newest Loom In the Studio

After much debate about the perfect little loom to take with me when we travel in our 5th Wheel Travel Trailer I settled on a Schacht Wolf Pup 8/10.   I am a great believer in buying from my fellow Etsy shop owners.   I believe we all need to buy from one another to keep our shops open and thriving.  Working with Jodi of The Spinnery I bought the 8/10 loom.

The loom arrived via UPS and at first blush appeared to have survived it's journey from the Schacht plant with no damage.  Little did I know that hidden under all the packing styrofoam the left front leg was split and the beater pin was crushed.   Jodi was awesome and called the company who sent out replacements immediately.  

Woe is me the troubles were not over for the new loom yet.  After warping, threading and tieing on I discovered that harness 4 would not move.  The air was now blue with my not so nice mumblings --- I unthreaded the loom and proceeded to move harness 4 into different harness slots trying to find a work around that would allow me to weave.  No go, nothing I tried worked.  

The harness did not appear warped to the naked eye.  I am suspecting that it might have been a tad thicker in width than it needed to be, thus it would not work in any of the harness slots.  Back to the computer to contact Jodi and she took care of the rest.  A new harness was delivered early this week and has been installed on the loom and works beautifully.  The old harness was sent back to Schacht so that the engineers could take a look at it and determine what may have occurred.  

All in all I am pleased with the superior customer service to be found in Jodi's shop - I highly recommend The Spinnery

As is my way I named the new little loom - WeeNut.  I know you are probably thinking that is a strange name.  But to my way of thinking the loom is a little wee thing compared to it's sisters sitting in my weaving studio - thus the name WeeNut.  

I hope to put a maiden warp on the loom soon and will report how I like weaving on WeeNut.

I discovered this lovely wolf head needle minder on Etsy and thought that it was just the thing to grace my littlest loom.  It will do a wonderful job of keeping my hem stitching needle safe and sound

This morning in the studio I have a colorful warp just starting to be woven up on my Gilmore 8 shaft jack loom.  

As you can see my weaving supervisors are hard at work ensuring that the studio carpet doesn't go flying off into space.  I love how they snuggle with each other.  

Looks like the two of them could use a trip to the groomer, few more days and they will be shorn and shining once again.

Happy Weaving!

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