Thursday, October 19, 2017

Four to Eight

Before the additions

Placed an order two months ago with Meridith at Macomber Looms to upgrade my 1968 model B5 40" Macomber loom. I ordered 4 new harness systems - #’s 5 through 8, a lamm depressor, 600 heddles, beater pads and stop pads to bring my lovely loom up to 8 working harnesses. The loom still has room for 2 more harnesses to make it a 10 harness loom. One of these days I may add those final two harnesses.
Also ordered 8 brand new shiny heddle bars to replace the old existing bars - yes, I know I could restore them but I want everything to match and look nice.

Here she is with all eight harnesses, 4 new treadles and the ever famous lamm depressor installed.

Notice the lovely new brass parts installed next to the original four that came with the loom in 1968.

In the 1968 lamm depressors were a wooden dowel you pressed down on the lamms with while to trying to install the treadle hooks.  Not user friendly at all.  A brand new lamm depressor has been installed and it will hold a lamm down with out my assistance so I can install the treadle hooks with ease.  

Happy Weaving!

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Off And Running

Just finished a long warp on my Gilmore, while pulling the fabric from the loom I found a huge treading error on one of the towels which made me want to cry.  Decided to cut up the unsellable towel and turn it into two pot holders that match one of the towels in the series.  Nice to be able to take a towel that was unsellable and make it into a beautiful matching kitchen set I can sell in my shop.  Win-win!

Next up is a tencel scarf I wove up using two similar colors to produce an iridescent glow to the finished textile.  I forgot how much I enjoy weaving with tencel yarn.

Off to warp the loom, the holidays are coming FAST!

Happy Weaving!

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