Friday, January 5, 2018

One More Step Closer

One more step closer to weaving on Swede with the addition of brand new texsolv heddles installed and waiting to be threaded.

Just finished putting brand new lam tie ups and heavy beam cords on the loom.  I love to see nice white cordage on my loom.

As you can see my supervisors are once again asleep on the job.  You might notice that Jack thinks he is a cat and sleeps on top of the couch.  Thank goodness company doesn't see this old couch, it has seen better days.   I have to say the old couch is great for an afternoon nap in my studio.

I sure wish I could sleep this deeply.  Good boy, Jack.

Happy Weaving!
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  1. Well I'm getting just about as any as I suspect you are! The terriers all love to lay on the back of the sofa when we had a traditional one, but they also made good use of the window behind it. Jack looks comfy and relaxed as does Pepper. Such a handsome pair.

  2. antsy gawd I hate the spell checker at times

  3. I just saw this post! The Swede is coming along nicely. As usual, he's looking good as a new member of your herd - new tie ups & heddles. Hugs to my niece & nephew puppies.