Monday, January 1, 2018

Thistle Rose Weaving Studio Loom Review - 2018

Meg, one of my fellow weavers starts off her year with a run down of the looms in her studio on New Year's day.  What a great idea!

The newest addition to the loom herd here in the studio.  Swede, a 100 cm Glimakra Ideal Loom.  Swede is waiting for brand new heddles and tie up cords to arrive so he can get down to business.

Beth, named in honor of a good weaving friend who happens to adore Macomber looms.  B5 40" Macomber Loom 8/10.  Updated Beth with 4 extra harness and treadles to make her into the 8/10 she is now.  Great loom to weave with - just wish shaft 4 would stop sticking!

Rose, the first loom I ever bought new and my go to loom.  Gilmore 36" 8/12.  I love to weave with Rose, we have grown our weaving skills together over the last 18 years.

WeeNut, bought for summer travels in our 5th wheel RV.  WeeNut is a Wolf Pup LT 8/10.  We have not woven much together yet and are getting used to each other.

Moose, a 22" - 12 shaft Mountain Table loom.  Great loom, he is for sale!

 As you can see the studio looks a bit crowded with 4 looms sitting in it - but, pictures can be deceiving.  Each loom has plenty of space around it to work and view the fireplace at the same time.

A little blue bird of happiness sits on each of the big floor looms in my studio.

I wish all my friends a very Happy New Year.  
May your warps be tangle free and the time you spend at your loom wonderful. 

Happy Weaving!

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  1. What a nice stable of beautiful looms. LOVE the bluebird of happiness. Much better on looms than up your nose.

    Happy New Year Martha!

  2. I have a little bluebird of happiness in my studio, given to me by my mother years ago. Happy New Year!!

  3. It's 5.30PM Jan 2 here and I just finished 2017 this year. Good for you for starting the year properly.

  4. I don't know if it's your shaft 4 problem, but something that happens to me on my old Mac...for some reason shaft 4 lamm is a bit crooked. Therefore, when I put the hooks on shaft 3 I have to face them toward me, instead of away from me which I usually do, or the tips of those hooks tend to catch on shaft 4 and hold it up inappropriately. Worth a shot to look at that.