Friday, February 16, 2018

By George, I Think She's Got It

I am almost done weaving a 10 yard warp of napkins on my new-to-me Ideal and I feel like I have finally found the perfect Glimakra countermarch loom for me.  

After owning two really lovely large Standards and selling both of them because no matter what I did my back gave me fits while weaving on them.  I believe it was the height of the breast beam that was driving my back crazy.  I tried different benches, lowering the treadles, raising the treadles, you name it I tried it and it was all to no avail.  Sold both looms and cried each time one of them left the studio to go to another weaver.

Well, by George I really think I finally found the perfect fit.  The Ideal's lower breast beam makes all the difference, I can weave in comfort.

So far the only thing that I really miss about the bigger Standards is the "door way" to access tie ups.  

Wondering if there is some way to tie up the lams that is easier?  I have no problem with tying up the treadles.  Reaching the lams is a pain in the butt!  Trying to think of way to tie them up top side instead of under the lamm.  I will work on that idea on the next warp.

Happy Dance, the Ideal really is a gem.  Glimakra really should bring this loom back to the market.  Just sayin'

Pay no attention to the mess under the loom, lets just say there are a lot of cords and misc. tie up stuff to put away when I am done weaving.  In case you are wondering the purple brick thing is for doing Yoga which means it never gets used around here.  Instead, I use the Yoga brick to rest my left foot on while I weave, works so much better than the built in foot rest.

Partial view of the napkin warp in progress.

Happy Weaving!

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  1. So where does your right foot rest or do you pretty much just weave with it? I hate to say it but my only experience with Glimakra products has been the Julia and the band loom and neither suited me one bit. SO glad you found just the right fit. Are you still liking your Macomber too?
    Pets to all!

  2. On this warp I only have two treadle tied up, I use my right foot to treadle and keep the left foot on the purple brick.

    I have never woven on a Julia, let alone seen one in person.

    Yes, I love my Macomber loom. Shaft 4 is my nemesis on that loom every once in awhile it will hang up for no reason at all. Pets for your crew too!

  3. With my fused neck, the most comfortable loom for me is the AVL folding dobby, you have to find the loom that fits you, and keep it.

  4. You want to learn to enjoy your Glimakra, take a class at Vavstuga in Shelburne, Mass. I did, I highly recommend it and it is a lot of fun - like being in a small piece of Sweden. Ursula Smith in Maine.

    1. Ursula, I appreciate your thoughts about Vavstuga. Becky does indeed have a marvelous program and some day I would love to take her draw loom class.

  5. Whoo Hoo!!! Your new to you loom is perfect! It's wonderful to find a perfect loom.

  6. I don't know if the tie-up method in this article is what you want, but it makes connecting the lamms easier for me.